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Conference & Exhibition Management Services Ltd.



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House-119,CEMS House-Unit-A3,Road-1,Block-F Banani,Road 1

Properly planned, promoted and executed, your Conventions, Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches and Exhibitions can make your organization a “force to be reckoned with” in your marketplace. Done improperly, events, can damage your Company’s reputation beyond imagination. The challenge is to find the time, expertise and skills necessary to pull it off right….and you will find all three in CEMS – Conference & Exhibition Management Services Ltd. We have years of experience developing, planning, marketing, researching, orchestrating and executing events ranging from Half-day Business Meetings to Multiple-day Conferences, Seminars, Expositions and Product Launches. Our talents and experience encompass the full range of Event Management functions including :

hotel / venue site selection and contract negotiations
construction of booths
media proposals
media advertisement for the event (Print / Electronic Media)
all kinds of printing and designing
different kinds of P.R. materials
air and ground transportation negotiations & arrangements
food & beverage arrangements
marketing, including program design, distribution and implementation
clearing and forwarding (events related)
tour management
program development, speaker selection / contracting, program evaluation
registration, both advance and on-site, including acknowledgements
badges, credentialing, security and admissions control
entertainment contracting
development of staging guide
development and delivery of giveaways for all functions
pre-conference planning and execution tactical sessions
equipment rental services
insurance / risk assessment and coverage
special event planning and management