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Mr Rafique who is a father of three always has a tough day matching his life between family and office. A banker by profession, he works long hours and when he gets back home, hedoes not get a respite either since he has to take over on his children’s study. So, he has not got the luxury to think about anything else, leave alone the paltry household matters. On one such a rough day, after getting back home defeating the ever tiring Dhaka traffic, the first words that rung his ears were: “Abbu, the faucet in the toilet has broken again.” At that moment he found himself drifting in a sea of despair. His wife was not at home, and it was already half past eight. And he was at total loss at whether to find an electrician at that moment!

We do not know what poor Mr Rafique had to go through afterwards but, we know for sure, this event takes place in hundreds of Bangladeshi households, every day. People meet emergencies and they totally become dumbfound about where to look for important information in that moment of urgency. has come as a relief for such a situation, with categorized and assorted information about different services to offer; information that are authentic and reliable from the beginning till the end. The web portal, with a motto of "Connecting Needs", could be a one-stop solution to all of your household needs or all your professional essentials for information. Let us get to know the some of the main business and services information which are catered in the website for the users at the moment.


Plumbing: Almost every day there occur few simple problems with our house’s plumbing. Often we fix them on our own, but when the situation is grave you must need someone experienced; someone who will mend the plumbing problem without messing it up. Good news! has been offering information about the most skilled plumbers in town.

Electricians: There has been a huge change in any Bangladeshi household in comparison to how it was just a decade ago. Now, varieties of electronic appliances are seen in almost every household. Some of these appliances intake huge amount of electricity. If one or more of these malfunction, you would require the service of a professional electrician who would do the fixing while keeping the wiring intact. Have a look on to find out a good electrician near you.

Car servicing: Auto users are seemingly unhappy with the mechanic or service centres around. Perhaps, they do not have the time to go digging for the right auto servicing centre. And when it comes to cars, we cannot relax handing over our cars to a regular ‘Rahim’ or ‘Karim’!So no wonder car owners relentlessly search for the right service. Only in you will find the finest car repairing services in or near your area. Getting a proper quote for the servicing cost is another trouble that the owners go through. has listed only the proficient and professional servicing centres which have been working for a long time with honesty and efficiency.

Gadget store: Nowadays we cannot even think of a day going out leaving our gadgets behind. People of every age are fond of gadgets. Identifying quality gadgets, however, could be tricky since the market is swamped with thousands of below average inferior products. You may take the help of to locate a quality gadget store in or around your radius., Bangladesh’s 1st Local Search Engine, is dedicated towards making life easier for all Bangladeshis. Every day, hundreds of people are being helped by a click of mouse as they can find necessary information from the 1200+ categories and sub-categories of variegated business and service.

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